Boat Cleaning Providers

Patterson PK Marina Recommends the following providers*:

Donna Kay Cleaver - 940-452-1357 - Boat Washing

Lisa Pendergraft - 940-659-8671 - Boat Washing

Tate Sherman - 940-232-7733 - Boat Washing

* All service providers must supply Patterson PK Marina, LLC an annual Certificate of Liability Insurance for their business and services provided. Patterson PK Marina, LLC reserves the right to limit access to service providers and/or ask to be listed as “Named Insured” on their policies in our sole discretion. We do not accept any liability or responsibility for their work, we are just passing along information as a courtesy.

Get Ready Service

Uncover boat, wipe down boat, air up tubes


Fuel Service

+ Market Value of Gas


Pump Out Service


Boat Maintenance

(1 hour minimum)

$130 per hour

Trailer Storage

$25 per month

All Services Require a 24 Hour Notice